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Goonj is a non-governmental organisation that works on turning old materials into resources for hundreds of rural-development activities. The Sujnis and Aasans program at Goonj utilises any scrap material that would otherwise be thrown away. A Sujni is the traditional quilt of rural India layered with tattered and shredded pieces of cloth stitched together. It’s used as a quilt in the winters and as a mattress in the summers. An Aasan is a small sitting mat, made out of layered torn cloth pieces. We try to let nothing go to waste at Deeba so we bag up all scraps of material that can’t be used for product and donate them to the Sujnis and Aasans program.

If you would like any more information on Goonj please email and we would be happy to send you their most recent annual report.


Tiger Watch


Tiger Watch is a non-governmental organisation founded in 1998 with the core objective to protect wildlife in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan and adjoining areas. Tiger Watch runs many programs but the main two are the Village Wildlife Volunteers program and the Mogya Education Program (MEP).

Tiger Watch initiated the MEP in 2006. It was formed after a series of seminal anti-poaching raids in Ranthambore’s history. The aim of the program is to bring the Mogya traditional hunting tribe into the mainstream by educating the tribes’ next generation. Simply arresting Mogya poaching gangs is not enough in the long run to disrupt conventional modes of living. Tiger Watch have asked Deeba to donate to the MEP program where there are currently 43 children from traditional hunting tribes receiving a formal education.

If you would like any more information on Tiger Watch please email and we would be happy to send you their most recent annual report.




We want to reduce our single use plastic consumption as much as possible but due to trade regulations we are required to ship all garments in bags. To try and balance this out we send all online orders in bio-degradable shipping bags. We also only use recycled content for all of our labels, packaging and information cards.
We use digital printing which not only allows us to print our intricate designs in vibrant colours, but is also the more eco-friendly option on the market using less water, chemicals and energy than conventional screen printing. 


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