beautifully bold, versatile and luxurious loungewear

careful consideration to our people and planet

WE Care

Here at DEEBA, we like to keep things simple. From the beginning, our vision was to make beautifully bold, versatile and luxurious loungewear alongside our mission, of creating these pieces with careful consideration and thought to our people and planet.

 We believe that working in this way helps keep things personal, agile and transparent to you, our trusted customer. We hope that as we learn, grow and nurture these ambitions, we can remain true to this philosophy, expand upon it even further and inspire others to join in too.

Giving Back

We understand that we have to take tiny pieces from the earth in order to bring you DEEBA, so we also recognise that it is our responsibility to give back what we have taken out. 

Which is why DEEBA is a member of the 1% For The Planet project, which gives one percent of our sales to highly vetted environmental non-profit organisations. We are a very small company but feel we can make a big impact by aligning with this incredible community.

Founder - Deeba London

I founded Deeba in 2019 after I left my job as a homewear buyer in London and booked a one way ticket to India.

Guided by creative passion and lifestyle I wanted to create a collection with seasonless, printed pieces at its centre.

Deeba’s playful print design was originally inspired by wildlife, Northern Indian architecture and rich colours, and I continue to be inspired from my travels and exploring difference cultures.

My mission was to make beautiful loungewear that could be worn both in and out and make women of all ages feel confident and stylish but also comfortable. It was also, and still is, extremely important to me to educate myself and put into practice how to consciously produce and to give back.

As the brand has developed over the years the demand for dresses has increased so we are adding resort wear to the collection too, with hopes to expand even more as DEEBA grows.