Breathe in deeply to bring your mind home to your body.
 – Thich Nhat Hanh


Our brain auto generates our breath pattern so that when we get stressed and anxious our mind sends a signal to our body that we are in danger, we tense up, our breath shortens and it becomes faster putting us in the fight-or-flight state also known as sympathetic response. This response is necessary sometimes, naturally, but if we are consistently stressed, like a lot of us might be at the moment, it can become habitual for our breathing to be short, shallow and in our chest. This means that over time we lose the ability to breathe deeply and fully. 


It is not uncommon for us to get stuck in this anxious state and with that our bodies will be in the fight-or-flight state even when there is no real threat around. In this case, our ability to relax and unwind is hindered and a sense of calm can become hard to achieve.


When we breathe fully and deeply into our bellies we are using our diaphragm. Doing so puts our body into a rest-and-digest state, also known as a parasympathetic response, allowing the body and the mind to be calm and most importantly, allowing our bodies to heal. Just as our brain sends signals to our bodies, the rhythm, rate and depth of our breath sends signals back to our brains. As the breath is the only system in the body that works both consciously and unconsciously, we are then able to  intentionally control the breath to remove us from this stressful state. 



  1. Lying down or sitting comfortably, placing your hand on your stomach 
  2. Visualise a box - as you do each action below you move around the box 
  3. Exhale for the mental count of 4 feeling the belly fall 
  4. Hold for the mental count of 4 keeping the body relaxed 
  5. Inhale for the mental count of 4 feeling the belly rise 
  6. Hold for the mental count of 4 keeping the body relaxed 
  7. Repeating a minimum of 10 rounds .


Breathwork really is the easiest, yet most powerful self-healing technique we can benefit from at any time and in any moment. It’s the perfect tool you need and it’s right under your nose. 


I am doing online donation based one on one and group sessions throughout this time, so please get in contact if you would like to learn more, or do a guided session. 

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