I was about to buy a dress a couple of weeks ago but I decided to hold off knowing that probably in a month’s time that item will be on sale. I noticed before Christmas retailers were putting their December Sales in place at the beginning of the month with reductions of up to 50%. With a constantly changing and over saturated market it seems that is what retailers now have to do to stay afloat. 
This pandemic could not have come at a more unfortunate time for fashion retailers, Spring collections have just come into store and most businesses have been forced to close. Brands now are offering discounts that usually come into place at the end of the season, hoping for customers to buy. Around the world, less established designers and brands, who rely on wholesale partners for revenue, face an uncertain future. I think sadly this is only the start for retail and things will only get worse. 
We should use this as a massive opportunity to change the already problematic constant changing fashion season. We are consistently overloaded with shows and fashion content, customers are now looking for authenticity and a more personal connection to a brand. I personally want to engage with a brand that has an interesting story, or a brand that supports charities and promotes ethical materials and processes. 
Another positive that could come out of this pandemic is a shift in attitude towards buying. Do we really need that new top to go to dinner in? Do we really need a brand new dress for every party, wedding and event we need to go to? We will start buying less and buying only what we need and this is definitely what the industry needs.  Rethinking how we buy, a hopeful step towards eradicating fast fashion.
I saw a post on @manrepeller recently who created a perfect check-list to ask ourselves before we buy. I will leave you with that to think about...
Written by Alexandra Kinde 

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