My hair is growing out (and yes I mean everywhere). Six weeks into a new self-isolating relationship with my favourite ‘boyfriend jeans’ my actual boyfriend asks if i’d like to wear his rugby shorts while we paint the house. Well… 1) Yes, I do not want to ruin my new favourite baggy trousers, but 2) Does this now mean I have to bother maintaining my legs which haven't seen a razor since Christmas? 


But as if my furry legs’ betrayal wasn’t bad enough, I am also now officially a brunette again - my return to nature is complete. Me! The girl who’s been platinum blonde since eighteen and never returned to the ‘dark side’ - until now, that is, after being forced to ‘embrace what god gave me’ as my mother told me when she saw my new-old hair colour. Anyway, it is safe to say I am getting ‘back to basics’ these days and, from the look of some of my friends’ lounge essentials FaceTime outfits, I am not the only one. Which made me think, for these lazy days we find ourselves in, why not “lean in” and offer some style tips for those feeling slovenly… (myself included). 


Let’s start with the aforementioned ‘boyfriend’ jean - which have been oh so good to me these past few weeks. Whichever housebound occasion I’ve thrown at them, they have thrived. Breakfast on the sofa? Nailed it. Daily midday walk around the estate? Looking fabulous. Alfresco afternoon snack on the balcony? Oh so stylish. But seriously they actually do look good with everything and I’d know because I recently spent an entire afternoon trying on all my summer tops with them. A rather indulgent way to pass the time, agreed, but how they long for a proper outing. While an afternoon pub session or stroll around the Tate are out of bounds, a fashion show in front of my bedroom mirror will have to do.  


Style them up with a one-shoulder tank top, a frilly peplum number, maybe a cheeky bra and cardigan duo a la Katie Holmes but my personal favourite is with the silk Pyjama shirt that you literally can roll out of bed in. Call me lazy, call me crazy, but it looks chic and your colleagues on the 9AM Zoom conference will never know. Pop on a couple of large hooped earrings and layers of Missoma necklaces and you my friend will look ready for the boardroom. Of course, you don't strictly need to bother with the baggy jeans if they’re only seeing you from the waist up, but that’s up to you… 


Annie Ounstead

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